Welcome to MH Piano Studio

  • Are you looking for a first teacher your child will enjoy? 
  • Are you an adult at beginner/intermediate level looking for positive encouragement and reinforcement? 
  • Are you an intermediate level student that wants to stretch themselves, possibly participating in the Achievement In Music program, learning to sight read, harmonizing songs, sharpening aural skills, and understanding of theory/chords in your music? 

Send me an email (mhpiano1935@msn.com) for a consultation.


I took lessons from Margaret for about 5-6 years My son Carver (12 years old) has been taking lessons from Margaret for about 3 years now. My experience with her has been very good. I used to take lessons from another woman and my mom says my playing improved so much when starting with Margaret. She’s a terrific teacher who makes it a lot of fun. She teaches theory and classical music, but is open to all kinds of music. Margaret makes a nice community by having get-togethers and group piano lessons so the kids really get to know each other. She also does a fantastic job with putting together the recitals. She has a good balance of strictness and expects the kids to practice and do well without being condescending. She’s a very positive and friendly person.



We are so lucky to have had our child study with Margaret Hoover. She is like a conservatory teacher in your neighborhood. A first-rate instructor, her classes teach theory, music appreciation and history, and technique, as well as encouraging students to explore their own musical creativity. With Ms. Hoover, students have the opportunity to be exposed to the most rigorous music education delivered with kindness and understanding. There is no one better.

- Katia


Of all the teachers I’ve had through the years, Margaret Hoover is by far the very best!  I should know since I’ve played the piano since childhood and continue now in my grandmother years.  I don’t just learn how to play the piano better. Margaret motivates me through exposure to music history, composer lives, and even music theory.  Thank you, Margaret for enriching my life with the joy of music! 

- Sharon